Finally, Parallels Coupons Bridge The Gap Between Mac And Windows

Solving The Incompatibility Issue Between Windows And Mac With One Specialized Software

I have been couponing since I started living on my own 10 year ago and I had to cut real coupons from newspapers and flyers. When I was told that there is an online coupon for at  I rushed to get that software they have for us Mac user who want to work on Windows OS and software. I saved 15% which means around $20.

Why Parallels Desktop

I have been using computers since I was a kid and especially buying the parts separately and building a whole PC from scratch all by myself. When I needed to buy a good notebook back in 2012, I asked a friend of mine which would be best. He told me that a MacBook Pro with a retina display would be a good choice, so I went for it.

Here an example of how the software works.  Notic the Windows 10 window in a Mac interface:

Parallels Desktop Interface

Mac users and Windows users are in a constant battle through the years defending their OS platform for their own reasons each of them. I have never argued with anyone. I always support both because I know that both have pros and cons. It really comes down to the type of work you do and what suits you best. Who am I to tell others what they should like?

Personally, I prefer using the MacOS especially the last couple of years. This is because of the type of work I do. Besides, the operating system allows me to use Windows either in a virtual mode or install them on a separate partition and have the option to run both OS whenever I needed.

Some software applications are built from the companies to run only in Windows environment. This is when I started looking for options to have both OS installed on my MacBook. The first option was to buy a virtualization software like Parallels or VMWare. The other option was to use BootCamp installer and separate my storage so I could install Windows and run it separately.

Below you will find both options, their advantages and disadvantages so you can decide what fits best your needs.

Parallels Desktop

The first option is to install Parallels Desktop, a software that will run at the same time with your MacOS. This means that you don’t need to partition your hard disk drive or close or programs from MacOS and restart your laptop (or desktop) to run Windows. It is ideal if you need to run small applications, copy and paste documents and other important files, etc.

The downside of installing a virtual machine on your Mac is that it could drain your memory, you need to buy Parallels Desktop separately and pay for each upgrade.
However, you can find parallels promo codes and enjoy and nice discount of the software. Parallels desktop coupons are available online of course.

Boot Camp

The second option is to use an application installed in the MacOS and use it to download windows and its drivers, create a boot USB Flash drive, separate your disk and select a clean installation of Windows on your Mac. It is really easy to do, it will take a little while but it’s worth the wait. Personally I chose this option to avoid paying for Parallels and for a Windows 10 license.

In both situations you will need to download a fresh copy of Windows from the official website. You can use Windows for 30 days and then you have to purchase a key in order to continue using the OS and get the proper updates.

I really like Apple because it gives you the option to use Windows on a Mac, either it is a laptop or all in one computer. All functions work perfectly and you don’t have to pay a fortune to buy.