Elysium Health Promo Codes – Living healthier, Longer and Happier

The troubling life routines and lack of time has rendered the normal meals inadequate for many people. A large number of pharmaceutical and nutrition companies have started offering supplements which can be taken daily. I am more of an exercise and healthy diet type of person and rarely used supplements until a few months back.

However, I have realized that people should choose carefully as per their health and routine to select the best option for a daily boost. Many supplements may simply be waste of money while others may even have adverse effects if chosen wrongly.

How Elysium Health Works

Elysium Health was formed with the vision to help people in leading a healthier lifestyle for longer with the help of extraordinary science. They work with the leading scientists and clinical experts around the world on a mission to solve the major health challenges through science.

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Their ideology also involves converting the advances made by science and technology into products which are scientifically proven to be effective for improving health.

Basis NAD+Supplement

The scientific advisory board of this company consists of world leaders in the field of science who are also in charge of guiding their scientific endeavors. Although currently they only sell one product under the name Basis, their supply chain procedure for manufacturing this product is commendable.

Every batch goes through five purity and quality audits before it is shipped out. Other than this, all the manufacturing facilities are situated within the United States while operating in compliance to cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) regulations set by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Manufacturing Process

Based in the New York City, this company funds research for the development of new compounds while also using the existing intellectual property after getting required permissions. The development of new compounds starts with the evaluation of available science to generate a product which can be made available to customers.

However, before the product is approved for being manufactured, the company submits the studies to FDA for demonstrating that the new dietary ingredient (NDI) is safe for consumption. After being approved, the product is sent for two phases of testing to ensure the safety and efficiency of the given molecule or compound.

Who are the products for?

Currently they are developing products for cognitive health, skin health and functions, skin therapy and cellular health to improve the metabolism and function of overall body. According to their website, one product takes around two years to be developed while many compounds have to be rejected and are not able to come into the market.

Their revolutionary product Basis has been developed after more than 25 years of research on aging. This cellular health supplement increases the NAD+ levels by up to 40 percent in a person’s body. The production of this coenzyme decreases in a person’s body with age but it is also required for important biological processes including regulation of circadian rhythms, energy creation and to maintain a healthy DNA.

Pricing and Elysium Health Promotional Codes

Containing proven compounds, the Basis pills can be used for long-term by adults of varying ages. Available at just $60 per bottle which contains a 30-day supply, this product is already quite affordable. However, customers can get a discount of 17 percent if they take a monthly paying plan.

With the use of Elysium Health promo code you get a 25% and 33% OFF if the customer decides to opt for the 6 month and one year prepaid plan respectively. Customers can also get promotional codes for extra discounts, free shipping etc. for Elysium Health through their official webpage.